Monday, November 17, 2008

The Scent of a Dog (or Cat)

We love our pets. We don’t love the odor -- in spite of timely baths and grooming --that sometimes lingers in a room long after the dog or cat has left the premises.

A few products have started appearing on the market that should help not just layer the air with a more pleasing fragrance, but might actually help dissipate the malodorous scents that don’t leave the area when your pet does. Glade is one company offering pet odor patrol products. Febreze is another.

The Febreze line offers a few ways to eliminate pet odors gracefully. Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator did so well in the marketplace that the brand has launched companion forms of the Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator. Use one or several for layers of fragrance that will purge offending smell from the premises:

Plug-In Febreze—the oil this works continuously to help keep the air in a room from screaming, “A very lovable but wet-cornflake smelling dog was just here.”

Candle: Light this to diffuse a warm scent that can light the area with a glowing fragrance.

Febreze Air Effects Pet Odor Eliminator: A nice light but hard-working scent to recharge the atmosphere with an aggreeable secent.

Febreze Fabric Refresher spray: The one that started it all. The Pet Odor Eliminator fragrance can help freshen fabrics on sofas, curtains, pillows and your pet’s bed (just remove the pet and any toys and chews before you spray).

All of these work very nicely, indeed.

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